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Corporations and businesses that support the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra are investing in our city, an investment which pays dividends in civic pride, cultural advancement, and economic benefit to the community. When arts organizations like Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra thrive, it makes Hamilton an attractive location for new businesses.

The HPO helps drive the economic engine of the community.

We generate revenue by employing Hamiltonians, helping attract tourism, and keeping local entertainment dollars in our city by recycling income earned through ticket sales back into the community. We contribute to industries in the local economy when we spend money on payroll and the purchases of goods and services.

The HPO’s audiences support local businesses.

An evening out might include spending money at nearby shops and restaurants, parking, and a drink in the lobby at intermission.

The HPO improves the livability of Hamilton and contributes to its revitalization.

Creative & Talented Human Capital: Businesses are likely to locate where a skilled workforce lives or in an area where they could attract these workers. As a member of the arts community, the HPO enhances the city’s ability to attract creative and talented human capital.

Pride of Place: Image is a critical factor in a city’s economic success; Hamilton depends in part on how residents and outsiders perceive its livability.  The Hamilton Philharmonic along with all the arts organizations in the city helps draw positive public attention from the press and outsiders that contributes to the city’s image.

Quality of Life: We contribute directly to downtown revitalization by providing a lively street atmosphere, safe evening activities, and involvement of local young people.  By contributing to a rich cultural environment, the HPO helps shape our urban environment in a way that is vibrant and unique.

The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra’s corporate sponsorship program offers your company a number of marketing opportunities. Sponsorship provides an excellent opportunity to make your company visible to a segment of the community with high discretionary spending capacity while helping it stand out as a good corporate citizen. Our office works with you to ensure that your company’s expectations and promotional goals are met through a flexible working relationship.

Opportunities range from concert & artist sponsorships, special programs and festivals, education programs, special events, and naming opportunities. In return for corporate support, your company receives a number of benefits to support your business needs.  Ideal for client entertainment, public relations, and employee rewards, we will work to ensure that the needs of your business are fulfilled.

To find out more about the types of sponsorship that are available at the HPO please contact Stephanie Laporte at 905‑526‑1677, x230 or email