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Planned Giving

Some donors find that a planned gift provides them with an ideal opportunity to support the institution they love, at a higher level than they thought possible.  Creatively structured to provide tax advantages, your planned gift to the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra can benefit you and your family by leaving a legacy that provides the entire community the opportunity to enjoy orchestral music in the future.

There are multiple ways to structure a planned gift, from bequests to life insurance policies to an annuity.  Contact Gerry Custeau at 905-526-1677 x221 to find out more about the planned giving strategies available to you.

Planned Giving - Sample Bequest Language

Undesignated Bequest Language

For a bequest of cash, the possible language is:

“I give to The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (2000) Inc., 105 Main Street East, Suite 1002, Hamilton, ON L8N 1G6 (the sum of amount …) or (… percent of the residue of my Estate).”

For a bequest of securities, the possible language is:

“I direct my Trustees to transfer [all or number] of my shares in the capital stock of [public company name] (hereinafter referred to as the “Corporation”) to The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (2000) Inc., 105 Main Street East, Suite 1002, Hamilton, ON L8N 1G6.”

Designating Bequests to The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra in Your Will

A undesignated bequest is especially valuable because it helps us direct your support to the area of greatest need. However, if you wish, bequests can be directed to a specific purpose or program. Restricted bequests can only be used by the Philharmonic for the purpose stated by the donor. The donor is encouraged to include a “power to vary clause” to avoid failure of the gift, should the Philharmonic be unable to use the gift for the stated purpose.

If you wish to create a restricted bequest please contact, or have the legal professional drafting your will contact us to ensure that the correct bequest language is used and to ensure that the Philharmonic can use the bequest for the stated purpose.

Kim Varian, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
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