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The HPO String Quartet leads students in an exploration of how each instrument’s sound is produced through vibration with a fun selection of familiar orchestral works. Students will learn how string instruments are made and their significance in the orchestra, as well as diving into the elements of music!

Virtual Workshop Cost

$250 + HST per ensemble (invoiced after booking is confirmed).

If you are booking for a High Priority school, please contact education coordinator Courtney Prizrenac.

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    • Presentation Format: Video stream
    • Duration: Elementary: 40 minutes, Secondary: 60 minutes
    • Cost: Elementary: $250 + HST, Secondary: $300 + HST.
    • Group size: Suggested maximum audience is 300
    • Note: All education programs in the 2020-2021 schoolyear are presented through recorded video. Classrooms will receive access to workshops through video stream.