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Happy Family Day! In celebration of spending time together, we’re sharing a special video featuring Music Director Gemma New and the musicians of our orchestra! Gemma New walks you through the families of the orchestra followed by a performance of the fun and familiar Overture from Rossini’s opera The Barber of Seville.






Download and print our activity sheets for more Barber of Seville themed fun!

Activity Sheet: Ages 4-8

Download PDF


Activities include a word search, Spot the Differences, and draw your own animal orchestra.

Click here to view the answer key to the word search and spot the differences.



Activity Sheet: Ages 9-13

Download PDF


Activities include MadLibretto and a cross word puzzle.

Click here to view the answer key to the cross puzzle.



Bonus Activity: Where in the World is Figaro?

Download PDF


Try your hand at our virtual scavenger hunt! Type the coordinates provided into Google Maps to search the world for Barber of Seville locations.